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Global Currency Reset Planned Within The Next 90 Days

Posted: 16 Dec 2013 05:31 PM PST

Lindsey Williams puts a date of “90 Days” until the elite will reset the currencies of 204 countries world wide!

While I can’t say that he’s going to be right… or wrong but this is first time I can recall him stated an exact time frame like this.  He’s previously stated dates like “by the end of 2013″ or “by the end of 2012″ the dollar will be basically worthless.  That’s not very specific as it’s too speculative due to the nature of what one person calls worthless versus what someone else states is worthless.

But I will admit that the “buying power” of the US Dollar is a whole lot less today then it was in 2011 as I’ve personally seen prices rise on food significantly in the last  2 years.  And I’ll noticed the trickery of the companies selling food products by keeping the price the same but by decreasing the size of the container that it’s in.  I now see 59 ounce bottles of orange juice instead of 64 ounces, which is a half gallon.  Other things they just rise the price on them or keep the box the same size but put less in the bag of chips as they just have mostly air in them inside a large bag.

(to watch on youtube:

It’s crooked but it’s all planned and done by the elite to keep us sheep stupid, fat and too tired to fight them.

I’m actually surprised that they let Lindsey state a time frame for the global currency reset.  So either they are setting him to look like a fool when it doesn’t happen or they are telling the truth and just don’t care if we sheep know about it as there’s nothing we can do to stop them.  That’s true I’m sure but while we can’t stop them we can profit from it… “if” it really does happen in the next 90 days?

The 90 days starts from December 4th, 2013 so that means it’s should happen by March 4th, 2014.  Now if you listen closely to Lindsey’s words you’ll notice he states that “if Christine Lagarde gets her way” (she’s the head of the IMF) then this global currency reset WILL happen.  The thing that stands out to me is that he says that we’ll first see them raid the pension funds of America and then shortly afterwards they will reset the dollar.  So if we don’t see them raid the pension funds then they won’t be resetting the dollar by 30% as he states.

So how can you profit from this you ask?

Simple really… “if” we see them confiscate the pension funds and nationalize them within the next 90 days then there is a very good chance that Lindsey will be correct and that they will devalue the dollar here in America (and the other 200+ countries) “shortly thereafter” as he states.  What Lindsey doesn’t tell us in this video is what the new reserve currency is (but I think I heard somewhere it’s going to be the Chinese Yuan?).  But regardless of what the new currency will be one thing will NOT be affected negatively and “should” go up an equal percentage to the value the dollar goes down.

That “thing” is GOLD… and “if” this happens as Lindsey states we could see gold go up 30% overnight when they devalue the dollar 30% overnight.  If one was to time this correctly and simply go long on gold via GLD by buying some “calls” a small fortune could be made.  While I can’t tell you what to do, which strike price to buy or when to buy it… you can figure this out if you just keep your ears open to see if they raid the pension funds first.  As if that happens you’ll know that they could do the currency devaluation shortly afterwards… and it should all happen before March 4th, 2014 if the 90 day period is correct.

You should know by now what time period I’ll be looking at hard for a decision to be made (or canceled?) as I told you all many times to pay close attention to when these people meet at this organization because many times (not always) “turns” in the market happen shortly before, during, or after any of these meetings.  The next meeting is February 6th-8th, 2014 so when the elite meet during this meeting they “should” make their final decision to “do” or “do not” reset the currencies and steal the pension funds.

Therefore my personal plan of action will be to look for them to steal the pension funds first and then shortly there after to devalue the dollar by 30%, and so I would be looking to buy some gold calls prior to the devaluation but after the pension fund raid.  Now I might also by a small position of calls simply ahead of the February 6th-8th meeting with the expectation that “they” will be stealing the pension funds right after the meeting.  They could do them both at the same time and therefore we’d miss the opportunity to get some gold longs via GLD Calls… which is why I might get some early in case they trick us and do it all together where we can’t get long in advance.

I will suggest that those of you that are familiar with options to login to your account daily and look at the amount of “open interest” that shows up every day in the various strike prices of the “GLD Calls” for the month of January, February and March 2014.  Why?  Because insiders WILL load up on gold calls shortly before this global currency devaluation happens.  If you see that please make sure you share that will everyone here on the blog by taking a screen shot and posting in the comments (or email it to me and I’ll post it).

To Watch on youtube:

As far as the market I’d guess it won’t necessary move it too much but I’m sure there will be some fear and therefore selling in it.  I just see the biggest opportunity is in betting on the huge move up in gold.  Right now the market is selling off some but I wouldn’t be surprised if we rally this coming week and into the end of the year.


P.S. Here’s the link to the article I speak of in the video…

P.S.S. If you want to watch the full version of Lindsey Williams’ video it’s here:

To watch on youtube:

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