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Global Currency Reset Stock Market Crash Or Both?

Posted: 15 Jul 2014 09:22 PM PDT

Is Christine Lagarde fooling the sheep or telling the truth?

(to watch on youtube:

I delayed writing this post for over a week as I just didn’t think it was going to happen.  Past history shows that every time we sheep hear something on the internet that is supposed to happen, and therefore we short the stock market, we end up getting screwed when the market rallies and the event date passes with nothing much happening.

But… is this time different?

I really wish I knew the answer there but I don’t?  The last 5 years have been a huge learning experience for me personally as I only started this blog to post my own thoughts about where the stock market was going to next.  I never decided to take the “red pill” and become a conspiracy blog poster.  In fact I never would have went down the rabbit hole if I hadn’t seen my first FP (fake print) back on January 11th, 2010 showing a 97 point drop in the SPX that day when it really only traded in a 5 point range or so.

That lead me down the path to learning that the stock was 100% rigged… and always has been rigged since it was created many, many years ago.  It’s designed to steal money from the average long term investor sheep that doesn’t trade the market everyday but puts in his or her savings into a 401k plan with the hopes of having a nice nest egg to retire on one day.

The gangsters the run the market (they are called the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Free Masons, but they are all the same) created this system so they could use these sheeps’ money to pay for large projects they build in other countries where they find cheap labor to replace the current labor force in the current country.  Meaning that they have the sheep in a country like America pay to have their jobs replaced by cheaper labor in a third world country.

Basically they crash the stock market from time to time to steal that money to pay for the building of the infrastructure of that third world country.  The money they steal from the sheep from their retirement plans being cut in half goes to pay for the final outsourcing of the sheeps’ jobs to that third world country.  So when you hear a president come on TV and say that he is going to help “level the playing field” by creating jobs in one of those countries you now know that he simply means that he plans on replacing your high dollar job with someone cheaper.

The last stock market crash in 2008 was done to pay for the infrastructure of India…

The next stock market crash will be done to pay the infrastructure of another third world country that has even cheaper labor then America or India does.  People there work for a dollar a day I’m told… which means that the gangsters that control the world can put a lot more money in their pocket by paying those people the pay YOU!

If you think they will replace you with a machine or robot you’re wrong!  You’ll be replaced with another human that is less educated then you and will work for far less then you currently make.  The biggest “outsourcing” of YOU is scheduled to be completed in 2017… which means you can expect a HUGE Stock Market Crash to start that year as it’s the LARGEST project ever built, and that means it will be this biggest crash since 1929 as well.

But I’m getting off topic hear aren’t I?

Sorry, but one of the things I always do is just write whatever comes to mind at the time.  That means I go off topic from time to time as the thoughts just pour into my head.  In fact, I never script anything or go back and change any videos.  If I screw up in something I said I just keep on talking and post it anyway.  Going back and editing out the “hmmm’s and uh’s” is a waste of time as I’m just as human as you are and make ton’s of mistakes.

One of those is the penny stock newsletter.  While I’m still struggling to understand this game so I can help all of you make money from it my partner and I are frustrated with alerts we’ve sent out.  All the recent companies we’ve researched thoroughly and know that they all have huge potential.  But it seems that they can’t seem to get going to the upside even when a lot of other groups also see the potential and alert their members too.

However, that’s another story.  I don’t have time to go into details about it now as I’ve got to tell you about what I see happening the stock market right now.  Meaning that this Christine Lagarde video is something I must cover again.  While I did a post on it back in January (, and even though the date I forecasted back then was wrong the video itself is something worth revisiting.

I know that in the past 5 years I’ve gotten caught up in this “red pill” stuff and went short the market based on it… only to see the market rally and kill my position, some how this time “could” really be different?  While I don’t have a crystal ball I will say that I’ve never actually heard one of the gangsters (the elite… as in, Christine Lagarde) publicly say something that pointed to an “event happening” and a “date” for it.  Truly this is a first… at least for me!

I’m probably 100% wrong on this call as I feel I’m the only person bearish right now…

Here’s my thoughts… Lagarde is telling the truth as she is clearing saying that we are going to experience a big correction in the market this year.  Why?  Because it’s a “magical year” as she clearly pointed out how important the number 7 is to the elite.  The question is… what is the date she is talking about?  And what is it that is planned to happen?  Will it be a “Global Current Reset” as Lindsey Williams said will happen, or will it just be some other reason for them to tank the stock market?  I don’t know “what” the event is but the date does seem to be set in July of 2014 as 2+0+1+4=7 and July is the 7th month.  The only thing left is the date of the month… which the 7th, 16th, and 25th all equal a 7, but which one?  When combined with the month and year you’ll have “magical” 777 day!

I’m speculating that it’s on the 16th because of this Bradley turn date that peaks on the 16th…

(to watch on youtube:


Now of course I could be off and the date could be the 25th, but I must admit that “if” we some how put in high, low, open or closing price on Wednesday the 16th (a 777 day) of 1977.77 SPX or 197.77 SPY I’d be extremely excited about shorting the market as that would be a signal to the “Illuminated Ones” (which I’m not one of but trying to figure out their signals) that the top was in.  Most people don’t remember August 25th, 1987 other then that was the high for the year of 1987 but the crash was of course on “Black Monday” October 19th, 1987.

However, on that date the SPX put in an intraday high of 337.88… which the 88 is of course a master number meaning “11″, but more importantly was the “not noticed” (except by the “Illuminated Assholes”) intraday low of… [insert drum roll here] 333.33!  YES, they put a clear signal that the top was in that day!  Did you see it or know it?  Not likely… in fact I only noticed it about a year ago after I started added numerology in my day to day chart analysis.  Does it mean any?  You tell me… does the March 6th, 2009 low of 666 mean anything?

Maybe I’m totally nuts and ritual numbers in the market are just random events, or maybe the market really is run by vampires called “reptilian shape-shifter”?  People believed in demons centuries ago but modern man doesn’t seem to think stuff like this is real… why?  If they were real back then what makes you think that they some how disappeared today?  If they ruled the sheep back then why shouldn’t they still be ruling the sheep now?  They just go underground (so to speak) and hide from the public, but they still run the show.  In fact, the oldest vampires are probably in the Rothschild family and are the one’s responsible for shooting down that plane in Malaysia.  There was a team of 4 Chinese inventors that held a patent for 80% (20% between each of them) for something still unknown, with FreeScale Semiconductor owning the remaining 20% of the invention.

Now the interesting thing is that FreeScale is owned by the group building the new infrastructure (to eliminate YOUR job) which is called the Blackstone Group.  And Blackstone is own by the Rothschild vampires… so do the math!  They shot down the plane to get 100% of the patent as the legal contract stated that in the event of one of the parties dying the remaining percentage of would be split among the surviving members.  Therefore, if you kill 4 people that own 80% of the patent the remaining company called FreeScale would then get all of that and own 100%, not the original 20% (nothing new here as the same vampires sunk the Titanic too, but that’s another story).

Getting back on track again…

Again, I must apology as I sometimes just drift onto subjects that are off topic and I’m sure you don’t care about that other stuff and just want and update on the stock market so you can make money from it. My thoughts have been simple really… a ritual number should but put in on Wednesday the 16th of 2014 to indicate that an important top is it.  My “human side” tells me that they will take the market higher but recently I’ve been “talking to myself… LOL” for a lack of understanding and I’ve been told to short on Wednesday and that it would be a very important top… and that this Lagarde thing is real.

Personally I don’t believe my “inter-voice” yet, as I’ve only recently (the last 2 weeks) been talking to it (yeah, if you didn’t already think I was crazy you do now).  I mean, come on now…  I’ll be 50 years old (although I look much, much younger… probably the blue eyes and blonde hair) this coming August 10th, 2014 (yes, I was born the year of the dragon in 1964 and the month of Leo… hence the name of this site) and I have to say that I feel like I’m only 30 years old.  Crazy huh?  It’s probably because I never got married or had any kids to stress me out… LOL!

Anyway, this voice in my head has told me 4 correct calls in a row and I took 3 of them to make a bunch of money.  I didn’t take the Monday the 7th call was to get short within the first 30 minutes on the expect bounce.  Needless to say I was dumb for missing out on that call and not listening to my inter-voice.  I did listen and I placed a short on the 9th right at the last 30 minutes of the day.  I think I tripled my money on that call (it was a put spread that expired that week… very risky).  Then I went long at the bottom (missed it by a 1-2 points) on 7-10 as my inter-voice told me to sell and go long into this coming Wednesday the 16th.

However, stupid me closed out my call spread on Friday before Monday’s rally up.  So while I still made about 40% gain I could have made about 80% if I had listened to myself telling me what to do.  This voice tells me to short the crap out of Wednesday’s move with the expected high to happen by the noon time hour.  I can’t explain it but I’ve made a bunch of money on taking the 3 of 4 of these predictions with all 4 of them being correct.  It’s hard from me to believe that suddenly I’ve been in contact with my immortal soul (or directly with God himself/herself… LOL) but I’ve prayed about it months now.  I really wanted to connect with myself through my pineal gland like all the gangsters do to connect to Satan.

But while others have been able to see visions and stuff I’ve seen nothing.  I still see nothing.  I’m probably nuts for even posting this publicly but myself tells me to do it… LOL!  Well, there’s nothing like pouring out your heart publicly I guess.  So I’ll just say again that I strongly believe tomorrow is an important day to take a short position.  I don’t know if there is going to be a “Global Currency Reset” like many think will happen (and Christine Lagarde hints at without saying directly) but the charts are very bearish and even without such an event we should be in a short position.

Here’s the previous notes that I posted back in January…

  • 2014 will be a magic year (meaning what?  will you pull a rabbit out your hat?  will you steal money from the sheep without them seeing you do it?)
  • 100th anniversary of the first world war in 1914 (strangely when I researched what happened to the DOW back then it was closed down for several months due to the first world war starting.  are we expecting the same here? REFERENCE: )
  • 70th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Conference that gave birth to the IMF. (The delegates deliberated during 1–22 July 1944, and signed the Agreement on its final day. REFERENCE: Not sure what the hidden message was here?)
  • 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall (Destruction date: November 9, 1989… but what is she hinting at here?  Is the “buzz word” the “25th”or the “fall”?  Does the 25th mean a certain future date or does the word “fall” indicate that the market will fall hard?)
  • 7th anniversary of the financial market jitters. (again with the focus on the number 7… meaning what?  are we looking for another move down similar to 2008?)
  • The crisis still lingers… (clearly this means we are going down again)
  • It will not happen randomly… (of course not, it’s always planned)
  • “Global growth is still stuck in low gear” (Hmmm… just a fall guy to blame I guess?  We tank and it’s the fault of slowing global growth)
  • It will not be without downside risks, and significant ones (referring to inflation… or was it really meant to refer to the stock market?)
  • We are seeing rising risks of deflation… (good for us sheep but bad for them)
  • Global growth slowing down as the economy cycle turns… (the “buzz word” that stands out to me there is “cycle turns”)
  • Risk of capital runs… (You really mean the gangsters are moving their money out the market before the collapse)
  • Dry run back in May of 2013… (Ah yes, the old test where Bernanke hinted at pulling money out the market last year)
  • There could still be some rough waters ahead of us… (another clear warning that they plan on taking the market down)
  • Overall, the direction is positive (meaning after the downturn the market we’ll go back up again, which should be a final Primary Wave 5 up with this coming correction next month being a nasty Primary Wave 4 down)
  • 95% of the income growth went to the top 1% (Duh… nothing new there as that was always the plan!  Steal from the sheep and give to the wolves)
  • Tapering will have too be very well timed… (again, she’s clearly staying that we are going to withdraw money from the market)
  • Central banks will have to “undo” what they’ve done… (and again, more references to cutting back the stimulus?)
  • Removing the threat of the debt ceiling… (meaning what?  They won’t set one, or make it unlimited?  I don’t know what she means with this sentence?)
  • A stress test will be done in 2014… (Why?  You already know the banks would all fail.  I guess they have to blame the correction on something)

I’ll point out that unless you are truly one of the elite it’s not obvious to the date of the event or the actual event itself.   It’s only obvious that we are in for some rough waters in this magical year of 2014.   Does that mean we tank in the stock market?  Does that mean we have a global currency reset?  I just don’t know the answers there but I sure do think this market is ready to take a nose dive.  So assuming we don’t gap up 10+ points on the 16th I’ll be looking for some ritual number (like 1977.77 SPX or 197.77 SPY) to be hit early on which I’ll be shorting for a ride down to 1900-1920 SPX area in the coming weeks (or less?).



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