Red Dragon Leo

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Red Dragon Leo

Link to Red Dragon Leo – Stock Market Trading on the Darkside

ES Morning Update April 27th 2016

Posted: 27 Apr 2016 06:01 AM PDT


Same as yesterday… just riding the trendline sideways

No clue here in the MACD’s as they are flatlined on most all time frames

Not much to say that wasn’t said yesterday.  The market is waiting on the FOMC meeting today at 2pm EST.  I’d expect some wild swings around that time as that’s what usually happens.  Overall, I’m still looking south for the next big move but that doesn’t mean that they can’t squeeze it up some today in a shakeout move to fool the bulls into going long and the bears back to sleep.  Regardless, I’m expecting the next 1-2 months to be down.

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