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From Lindsey Williams To The Shemitah Many Signs Point To A Stock Market Crash In The Fall Of 2015

Posted: 02 Jun 2015 03:14 PM PDT

… But Will It Be Accurate?

(to watch on youtube:

As we all know the Elite that run the world 100% control the “Main Stream Media” (MSM) and constantly mislead the sheep that watch TV, read the newspaper or listen to the radio.  But what about the Internet?  Do they control it fully too?  NO is the answer as we sheep have the opportunity to publish our own thoughts on blogs like this or various social media outlets.  However don’t just assume that “they” are still busy spreading their “dis-information” stories throughout the Internet to dis-credit true and factual information as I’m 100% positive they are do that every day.

Remember, their entire “motto” of life is to do everything in their power to steal from you, poison you, lie to you, use you, and kill you off when you are no longer a profitable debt slave.  So you should NEVER assume that even though they are bound to tell in advance of the things they plan to do to you that they will do it in a timely manner where you can profit from it… as the opposite is true.

While I think Lindsey Williams is probably a very good man and truly wants to help people I also think his elite source gives him information that is timed to benefit the elite by “suggesting” though his leaked messages that us sheep go long gold near the top, short the dollar near the bottom and of course miss the entire move down recently in oil.

Without a doubt if you traded from his information you would go broke!

(to watch on youtube:

Of course he clearly doesn’t tell you to trade from what he tells you but we all know that people will still listen to his stories and base their trading around the trend that they expect to happen from his information.  This would again result in losing you money as every thing he’s told us over the last 5+ years hasn’t been correct.  The dollar hasn’t crashed, gold hasn’t went up strongly and oil… well he claims his elite contacts never caused the sharp move down as that was apparently all done by Obama trying to push Russia president Putin.

Well, regardless of whether or not the elite crashed oil or Obama we sheep never seen it coming and didn’t profit from it… so the facts are still the same, “You can’t trade off Lindsey’s information (unless you do the opposite?)”, as it’s clearly been wrong since I’ve started to follow him.  That’s been 5-7 years now I guess.

Since I wasn’t following him when he claims to have successfully told everyone in advance of the 2004-2008 big move up in oil and the fall back down hard into the 2009 low I can’t know if that was timed out where the sheep could have profited from his information or not?  I only know that since I’ve known about him his information has been wrong.

So how do you use this information if it’s timed to get the sheep into the stock market on the wrong side when the prediction is expected to happen?

Simple really… you assume we’ll be bottoming when this September, 2015 Stock Market Crash is forecasted and looking for a shorting opportunity several months in advance of it.  When I look back at the 2011 mini-crash I notice that we had the most powerful crash wave (the wave 3 down) in August and then we had 1-2 months of a wild and crazy wave 4 up before the final wave 5 down to 1074 SPX early October low.

Clearly it was very tough to make any money on the wave 5 down as you would have be shaken out many times as the wave 4 up had so many ups and downs in it that most bears would have be puking their guts out from week to week waiting on that final leg down.  The big money (and safer wave to ride) was being short from late July, 2011 into the early August low for the wave 3 down.  This is the wave I personally want to catch (if possible?) and just pass on the expected wild ups and downs in September and October of 2015.

Past evidence on prior moves down is clearly shown in these charts of the DOW as explained in this video about “The Shemitah”…

I’ve looked a several other video’s about The Shemitah and how it points to September 13th, 2015 as being the “Elul 29″ and just like this one the best.  It’s done by someone named James Trivette, a preacher I guess?  Anyway, I think it’s well worth your time to watch.

(to watch on youtube:

Sidenote: I looked up the solar eclipse years here…

Eclipses in 2015
March 20: Total solar eclipse
April 4: Total lunar eclipse
September 13: Partial solar eclipse
September 28: Total lunar eclipse

Eclipses in 2016
March 9: Total solar eclipse
March 23: Penumbral lunar eclipse
September 1: Annular solar eclipse
September 16: penumbral lunar eclipse

My thoughts on this forecast again of something bad happening (like a stock market crash) in or around September 13th, 2015 are that it will be a bottoming period, so we should be looking to get short much sooner.  When you ask?  We’ll as most of you long time follows of this site know all about Legatus I’ll point out that we have a meeting this coming June 15th-17th, 2015 and coincidentally an FOMC meeting June 16th-17th as well.

That meeting is the one that many people are expecting the Fed’s to tell the market that they will be raising interest rates in September of this year.  While I don’t know if they will state that news in that meeting I do believe that if they do say it we’ll see a top in the market as traders will start bailing out long before the actual rate hike happens 3 months later.  So by the time September comes the bulk of the panic should be over with… which again leads me to believe it will be a bottoming period.

This also tells me that we should have another big “Wave 3″ down (the crash wave) somewhere before that September 13th “Shemitah”date and/or September “Interest Rate Hike”.  Past history tells us that August is a bad month for the market and if you look at 2011 you’ll see that the biggest move down was indeed in August, not September.

Quite possibly we will top in mid-June and start the first waves 1 down and 2 up from there until late July where another big crash wave happens into August?  Of course it shouldn’t follow the 2011 pattern exactly as that would be too easy for us sheep to figure out… and you know “they” won’t make it easy for us to profit from.  If fact they will do everything in their power to make us lose all our money so they can take it from us as they profit wildly from the crash they created.

What about Legatus?

Upcoming-2015-Legatus-EventsIn that Legatus meeting I’m sure they will make the final decision on whether or not the “Stock Market Crash” is still on for 2015 or if they are going to push it out one more year into 2016.  I don’t know the answer of course but I do believe without a doubt that it will happen before Obama leaves office as they want to blame this whole crash on him.  He will be the “scapegoat” for the coming collapse even though it was planned many decades ago.

These elite are just a bunch of crust old white vampires that will get a kick out of setting up the first black gay American president… which is why they put him in office in the first place I’m sure.  I kind of feel sorry for him in some ways as it’s not his fault for what’s coming.  But they seem to have NO Feeling at all of compassion for other humans and will do whatever it takes to fulfill their sick agenda.

I can’t tell you the exact date of the top or the bottom (assuming the crash still happens) as I’m sure that any date I put out there will (could?) be off simply because I said it would happen.  I’m just saying that if too many people (sheep only, as the elite know the date) discover the exact day the market will top then they will be forced to change it.

I remember back in 2013 when I did several posts saying that we’d top on May 22nd, 2013 because it was right in the middle of a Legatus meeting and a ritual “33” day (  I told everyone about it for 2-3 months prior to it happening.  I thought it would be the top for the year, and we’d crash from there into a low later that year.  While it did top out and drop from 1687 SPX to 1560 by June 24th it wasn’t the high of the year, nor was it a crash.

I don’t know if they plans were changed or not (due to the fact that there could have been too many sheep aware of the date after I posted it?), but I’ve changed a lot since then in my charting analysis and simply post what I think is possible, but give NO promises of “it will be the top” or “we must crash”… as I now know how quickly “they” can change the plans to make us blog writers and stock market forecasters look like fools.

Therefore I’ll just point out “possibilities” with some supporting evidence that whatever date or time frame I might a forecast for “could” be accurate.   My personal trading method today is “day trading”, and I’ve do very well with this method over the last year or so… much more profitable then trying to forecast which direction the market will be going at a week or two from now.

This is one of the main reasons I don’t post as much anymore.  The other reasons are that the better I get at day trading the less information I can find out there to post on that will be correct in the near future.  There just isn’t enough “darkside information” available that is accurate.  Ritual numbers and ritual dates are too abundant to call everyone of them and expect a turn in the market.

So I just do my best to post comments on whatever the current blog post is, which are there to inform everyone of what I see short term for the market.  Then I re-post via my twitter account.  Sometimes (if I remember?) I post it on my facebook account too.

Why is Walmart closing stores around the county claims plumbing problems and then NOT filing for a plumbing permit?

There’s a lot of posts around the internet talking about the mysterious closings of all these Walmart stores for some plumbing problems and then blacking out all their store windows and hiring police officers (not security guards as most stores would) to guard the place.  Then on top of that are all these military vehicles being spotted going to these stores.  Are they planning on marshall law in the near future to put the sheep in?  If so, what event would cause this?

Walmart Closing Five Stores For ‘Plumbing Problems’

Military vehicles are being shipped to a closed Texas Walmart ahead of Jade Helm? (Photos)

I know we’ve seen of a lot this stuff before in the past and nothing ever became of it (at least in the “stock market crash” forecasting), but it’s still worth knowing about as at some point in the future I’m sure they will do something bad to us sheep so they can put these Walmart stores to use locking up certain people that go crazy when the economy collapses and they have no job, no home, and no food to eat.

Whether all this happens in late 2015 or they push it out until 2016 is unknown, but I firmly believe it will start before Obama leaves office.  If the Fed’s decide to announce the future interest rate hike in September, 2015 during this coming June 16th-17th FOMC meeting then we should all expect it to start this year.  If not, then possibly they decide to push it out one more year?

However, I certainly get the feeling that it will start this year… bottom in Sept/Oct and rally up into 2016 before they pull the rug out completely and slaughter this fat pig of a market.  Let’s face it… the monthly chart of the SPX looks eerily similar to the 2011 period before a nasty mini-crash happened.

What about any FP’s? (fake prints)

I don’t have any new ones (on the large scale) but I’m still thinking this old one from January 2014 “could” still be in play.  It’s one showing the NYA at 11334.65 high.

nyse daily intra1 jan7

There’s also the old TVIX FP showing 35.9599 from 11/14/2013…


So not much to say on that subject.  Those prints could both be nothing as they are old and plans could have changed from then to now.  But I wanted to include them should the market put in a top in mid-June and start crashing into September as they could be targets?

I’m still not sure all the pieces are in place for the total collapse though as the ECB is still supporting their markets in Europe with their version of Quantitative Easing and isn’t scheduled to end until September of 2016 (  But, that doesn’t mean we can’t get started this year here in America and have the first larger “Wave 1″ down, followed by a mufti-month “Wave 2″ up into mid-2016.  Then the “Super Crash Wave 3″ down into the end of 2016 and probably some of 2017 could happen.

S&P 500 Monthly 2015-06-02

In both the 2000 and 2007 tops and crashes that followed we had a month chart that produced a wave 1 down and wave 2 up before their wave 3 “crash wave” down happen… therefore we should expect something similar to happen this time around as well.  That gives us a strong possibility that it will indeed start in 2015 but get worse in 2016.  So let’s keep our minds sharp and open to the fact that we do have some very good odds of a major turn down this year.

Final Clues: Has the elite already warned us of “The Crash Date”?

matrix-passportAs we go back to September of 2001 we remember the both the movie called “The Matrix”, TV show called “The Lone Gunmen” and the famous episode of “The Simpsons” where we were told in advance of something BIG happening on 9/11.  In the matrix it was shown on Neo’s expiration date that said 9/11/2001.  On the lone gunmen episode it was a hijacked plane that was on a collision course for the twin towers, and finally on the Simpsons it was the cover of a flyer that showed the twin towers in the background with a big $9 to the left of it for the cost of the pamphlet.

simpson-9-11-cover-episodeNo one but the insiders knew what that all meant as I seriously doubt it if there was one “red pill taker” sheep that seen all three (or just one or two) of those messages and figured out the meaning before it happened.  If so, he or she certainly didn’t post it on the internet for all to see (not that many would have seen it anyway as youtube wasn’t around back then).

So I’m not going to tell you what I’ve seen that points to another date of something really bad happening but instead tell you to think like the matrix and go watch a movie called “Lucy” with Scarlett Johansson.  Enough said…


P.S.  Interesting how VERY BEARISH the week after the June 15th-17th is, which is based on prior history.


Just more evidence of a very important week starting June 15th and ending on “Triple Witching” Friday the 19th…


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